Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Man and The Myth

Many people around the world have heard of the mysterious Tony Loveless. As myth has it he is "zombified" during the work day.

zombified: (zom-bih-FIE-d): Very focused. . .

Which is a silly myth, today Tony has already had a dance off with a neighboring office mate, which is the opposite of zombified.

The legend, Tony Loveless enjoys taking pictures in front of sunsets and letting the little cap'n come out of him. He also is known to randomly burst  out in high pitched noises for no reason in particular. We often have people shut his office door. . .

On the contrary to the above statement, 99% of people who meet Tony like him. IE Tony was out this morning stuffing some old dumpster (that is not for our building with trash). the man who owned the dumpster was a little upset and by a little I mean he used the dreaded "f" word. In this sentence: I am so (insert f word ending in -ing) sick of people using my DUMPSTER!

Tony walked down to the angry mans office after the occurrence and handed him a business card and also received 20% off any salon service.

That my dear friends is Tony Loveless.

Monday, November 15, 2010

There comes a time. .

Every now and again everybody needs a change! We decided that we need to move offices. It may be in the same building- but it is a big difference!

Some of the reasons we moved offices:
- it was FREEZING all the time!
- space issues were becoming very apparent [not that we don't all love each other!]
- we like changes
- we had some great ideas!

Sadly I forgot to take pictures at the very begging but I will describe it for you. There were 4 white walls, one had a pretty bay window and the rest were plain as jane. The carpet was much like this:
It was close to 10 years old and had random stains all over it. Don't get me wrong it was very attractive just not quite our thing.

We decided that we want less of a box to work in and more personal space so first thing we did was put up walls. Tony, Miki, Jared and Lisa were the ones who slaved for nights over this office! We all learned valuable lessons in dry walling. such as: your hand dry out very fast, your lips dry out fast and dry wall is heavy! We painted the walls our "company colors", which was a long experience that also made us appreciate painters. As noticed in this picture we took out the ugly ugly bright florescent lights and put up beautiful track lighting to give the marketing Ora everyone loves.

Next we decided to wall paper one wall, that you would never guess is wall paper. Unless you look really close. But don't do that! We made our gorgeous bay window a brick wall, who'd a guessed it?

The last one is a little dark, but you get the point! The view is the greatest, the huge mountains (now covered in snow) right outside!

The biggest challenge of this whole adventure was getting the carpet and wood floors down. Thanks Heavens we had Kyle, who laid carpet at some point or we wouldn't have made it. Getting the 2000 lb carpet roll up the stairs with 2 very whimp small girls and only 2 men was life risking! Everyone of us almost was killed. Jared almost had his ear taken off Tony and Miki were mauled over by the carpet and Lisa was pushed out of her own shoes by the high speed carpet coming for her!

But the roll made it in the office! CHECK!
We then made each desk in each office, which looked a little something like this:

Then we added a little love to the office and gave each cubicle a personalized glass hanging separator. Which doubles as a white board! You can also see the finished carpet and wood flooring here as well.

Now for the completed pictures!
 Our one PC in the office, he's so alone! Miki's accounting desk 1/2

 Tony's office, our CCO

 Our Monday morning production seating

 Miki's office 2/2 office

 Our nicely frosted front window, WE ARE FnA!

The left side of the office where Brennon and Darren enjoy their desks.
The right side and left side and Tony and the conference all in one shot woo! Oh yes plus our storage and break room in the far right.

The best part about this project is that Miki is an extraordinary bargain shopper, we got many things on sale or from KSL so it wasn't very expensive. We traded a month of rent with our landlord for a snazzy office that he will definitely rent out for way more than our current rent!